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Atmospheric Corrosion
Resistant Steel
Steel Grade Material No.
TKS Standard EN 10025 ASTM Standard
Weathering Steel B S355J2W+N ASTM A 588
Conquest Steel & Alloys is a Supplier of S355J2W+N steel plates is a hot rolled structural steel with anti-corrosion feature, also called weathering steel and atmosphere corrosion resistance steel, under standard EN10025-5, much-admired for their ability to display improved resistance to atmospheric corrosion compared to ordinary grade steel. S355J2WP steel contains copper, Chromium, nickel alloy elements, which has corrosion resistance feature. The surface of the metal S355J2WP can form a layer of dark brown oxidation, which inhibits deeper penetration since corrosion by atmosphere. So S355J2WP steel can reduce the cost of need for painting and costly rust-prevention maintenance over the years. Weathering Steel Steel A / S355J0WP commonly known as �phosphorus steel� (P), an element that favors increased protective oxidation; used primarily for architectural applications. Weathering Steel B / S355J2W used for structures subjected to intense stress, this special steel can also resist low temperatures. S355J2W+N is hot rolled products of structural steels in technical delivery conditions with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance. Steels with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance have a wide range of applications: architecture, smokestacks, freight wagons, silos, pylons and bridges. It has a very low base cost among wrought alloy steels in the same category. In addition, it has the lowest embodied energy and a very low tensile strength. It is a copper chromium alloy steel � this alloy displays a greater level of resistance to atmospheric weathering when compared to other unalloyed steels. Its chemical composition promotes the early formation of an adhering protective layer of rust when exposed to the elements. The mechanical characteristics and the resistance to atmospheric corrosion form this steel, the best product for the fabrication of agricultural vans and railway wagons, structures of bridges, water pipes, fans, chimney, sand boilers. Weathering steel sheets do not require extra costs for galvanizing, and if painted the Weathering steel sheets reduce maintenance costs to a minimum, because they consist of a high strength steel that self-protects from corrosion if scratched or chipped in the painted layer. Mainly used for construction of tanks, containers, bridges, exhaust systems, frame structures, vehicles, equipment constructions etc with the request of various types of welded, bolted, riveted constructions etc.

Chemical Composition :
C Si Mn P
Cr Cu Ni
≤ 0.16 0.50 0.5 - 1.50 0.030 0.030 0.40 - 0.80 0.25 - 0.55 ≤ 0.65
Mechanical Properties
Yield Strength (MPa)
Tensile Strength (MPa)
Minimum Elongation A
(Lo = 5.65 vSo) %
355 510 - 680 20
Cold Rolled Sheets ≤ 3 mm in thickness
Yield Strength
Tensile Strength
Minimum Elongation A
315 470 - 630 22

Chimneys, Bridges, Tubular bridges, Facades, Containers, Tanks, Weathering Steel Facades


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